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The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps – Rock Salt Lamps – Crystal Salt Lamps in your home/office

salt lamps yellow tickSalt Lamps keep the air in your home or office clear of dust and airborne debris

salt lamps yellow tickSalt Lamps harmonise electromagnetic pollution that comes from computer screens and TV’s

salt lamps yellow tickSalt Lamps improve air quality for people suffering Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, etc

salt lamps yellow tickSalt Lamps are easy and cheap to use. Costs about $1 per month when left on 24/7

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“I love the look and style of the Salt Lamps, great quality and long lasting best product ever and well worth it”

Leyla Choueiri – 6th November 2012


“I bought a salt lamp for our son he was always hyper and had trouble sleeping so it is his night light – within a week we noticed a change in him he wanted to sleep in his own room and slept well his energy levels changed he is calmer and it even has helped his skin , now we want one for our daughters hopefully then our kids will be happy and comfy sleepers with safe energy levels”

Beck Milsom – 19th November 2012


“Not too hard to make a positive comment about salt lamps- I have 2 fire bowl salt lamps and 2 normal ones, and love love love them. After buying my mum and son one, they now also have purchased others.. Cant have too many I believe..very relaxing and makes you feel stress free.”

Maxine Hess Smith – 18th November 2012